About Us

In Honor of Her, Inc. is dedicated to the life of Marijke, who was taken from our lives by an act of domestic violence on October 25, 2007.  Our organization is dedicated to the idea of survivor support and education, striving to interact within the mega-networks of domestic violence issues.

Who We Are:

                         The Board                                                                    The Committee

         Brooke Phillips, President                                                               Natalie Morris                                   

Michelle Tavenner, Vice President                                                        Paige Sinclair

      Tommy Tavenner, Treasurer                                                             Becky Lee 

          Aislinn Fones , Secretary  

        Debbie Alderton                                                               


Our fund allocation can be found here.  


IHOH Action Items:

April 2013

Sponsored a table to the "Heart of Affair" event for the Heartly house

March 2013

$2,000 donation to House of Ruth

  2222012 January 2012
 $10,000 to the Laurel Center for there Client Service Program

March 2012

Board member Tommy Tavenner speaks about Marijke in hopes to reduce violent crimes committed aganist women and children. Watch the video!

May 2012
Heartly House Gift Cards of $300 to Sheetz for the women to travel for gas- plus $1,200 for additional GC to Walmart, Target, Giant, Safeway, ACME, Shell, Exxon

DASH- $3000 towards plumbing ongoing plumbing issues that have caused safe rooms to not be utilized for women in need.

Laurel Center - $1500 towards new flooring & client services program

HofR- $1500 towards new evacuations cribs and utility carts for day to day operations.


October 2012

$10,000 donated to Becky's Fund

November 2012

Dance wish list drive items of sheets, towel, gifts cards, clothes, canned foods, cleaning supplies, etc. donated to the Heartly House



Ongoing Projects

We have teamed up w/ Becky Lee of Becky's Fund  to create a "Healthy Relationship" video highlighting Marijke's story, in hopes to have it shown in local public schools, youth groups, etc. in order to help bring awareness to Domestic Violence.


 November 2011:

$2,500 to DASH in Washington, D.C.

DASH is expanding their transitional housing program for women and children leaving behind domestic violence.  Currently adding ten new homes, they are in emergent need of furniture and household items.  DASH's transitional housing program provides families with a safe place to live while they carve out new lives.  The women attain employment, and then take over their leases as they learn financial management skills.  Our donation directly supports these efforts, and we are glad to be connected with a badly needed organization in our nation's capital.  There are currently very few beds available for district residents leaving violence, making it that much more difficult for them to move toward a healthier way of living.  

October 2011:

Wish List items from our 3rd Annual Charity Dance donated to the Heartly House.

$5,000 to Harper and Quinn McMahon 529 College Fund

September 2011:

$10,000 to the Laurel Center

Continuing our committmed relationship to this amazing DV shelter and organization, we were happy to be able to funnel a donation their way.

July 2011:

$5,000 to Becky's Fund

Becky's Fund is a fantastic DV organization located in Washington, D.C.  We are excited to work with them to create an educational video about healthy relationships that can be disseminated via public schools.  

May 2011:

Part II of providing items on Heartly House's wish list

We donated cleaning supplies to HH's emergency shelter and transitional housing.  We also supplied HH's client with gas gift cards, to assist women with transportation to and from work.  $1000 total.  

March 30, 2011:

$4,000 to DASH

Today a few members of our team went to visit DASH (District Alliance for Safe Housing).  We learned many details about their extensive programs, and were impressed by the services they are providing for the women of D.C.  We donated another $4,000 to them, and hope to build a lasting relationship with this awesome organization.  

"Safe housing–both for short-term emergency situations and longer-term transitions–is the essential foundation for many women to rebuild their lives. Research and evaluation of shelter programs consistently shows that respite from the chaos and crisis of living with abuse allows women to establish healthy and productive lives for themselves and their families."  

                                              -DASH's website, to learn more click here.  

February 18, 2011:

Part I of providing items on Heartly House's wish list

We purchased and delivered fourteen floor lamps for Heartly House's shelter.  We hope to continue shining light in the lives of survivors who transition through there.  

January 10, 2011:

$1,000 to District Alliance for Safe Housing (DASH)

Located in Washington, D.C., DASH provides domestic violence survivors with emergency safe housing, as well as transitional services into permanent housing.  For women and children able to remove themselves from harm's way who do not have their own financial means, the work that DASH does is key to their survival.  After finding some wonderful organizations in Maryland and Virginia, we are excited about expanding into D.C., and finding more ways of helping those who live so close to us.  More information about DASH can be found by clicking here   

December 11, 2010:

$10,000 to House of Ruth

The In Honor of Her team went to visit House of Ruth in Baltimore, MD.  Janice Miller, Director of Client Services, took us on a tour of the facility.  We were quite impressed with the services they offer, including: emergency stay rooms and longterm apartments for those in need (up to two years), a computer lab for women to work on resumes and other needs, an infirmary with volunteer nursing staff, a very comprehensive daycare/preschool program and library, as well as teen programs and a teen game room.  A second-hand clothing store is also on location for families to take advantage of, offering sizes infant to adult.  The store will soon have its own location in Owings Mills, and all profits will go to House of Ruth.  In addition to these wonderful programs, the House of Ruth is also blessed with volunteer attorneys who help give women and children legal voices for the dangerous situations they find themselves in.  

Our team was very inspired by all of the great work and opportunities at House of Ruth.  We donated $10,000 to help support their areas of low funding, and gave 20 tea sets for the women to have for the holidays.  With your continued generosity, we hope to be able to help the House of Ruth for many years to come.   

November 10, 2010: 

Cell phones collected at dance given to Laurel Center

At the Laurel Center, used cell phones are provided to women for emergency purposes.  When they are trapped in an actively violent situation, they then have a means of calling for police or ambulance interventions.  At our 2nd Annual Charity Dance, we collected over one hundred phones, and were proud to ship them off to the women in need.  

July 26, 2010:

$2,000 to Heartly House's community outreach program 

Our donation will help with: teen dating violence awareness, sexual assault awareness, bullying prevention, sexual harassment information, & child sexual abuse prevention.  Heartly House's excellent presentation programs service schools in Frederick County, MD (PreK-12th Grade), colleges, adults, and professionals.  


 $10,000 to the Laurel Center for there Client Service Program (Put up link to their website)
Put up link to video of Governor that I sent you & copy wording from FB


June 25, 2010:

$5,000 to college scholarship fund for Marijke's daughter, Quinn and Harper

We created this fund to be held in trust by In Honor of Her and given to them for tuition and school expenses when they are of age.  Marijke was a wonderful teacher and a big believer in the force of education, so we think that she'd be happy to see her girls getting some support to achieve their career and educational goals. 

June 6, 2010:

$1,000 to the NYOKA fund for Jada Cox's scholarship fund

Jada Cox lost her mother, Nikki Nicholson, to domestic violence.  We are excited about this contribution, as part of our mission is to assist children who have been impacted by DV.  More information will be posted about the NYOKA fund on their website (click here), so be sure to return to it and learn more. 

May 2, 2010:

  Running as a relay team in the Frederick Marathon, Marijke's cousin Lauren Rose, along with some awesome friends, helped to spread the word about In Honor of Her.  

March 20, 2010: 

$250 donation to Francie's Family 5k

On April 18, 2009 Francie Billotti-Wood and her three children were murdered in a domestic violence situation.  In response, their remaining family came together to organize a 5k run to honor their memory.  Donations above the run's expenses went towards the construction of a new playground in Middletown, Maryland set to be a memorial park.  More information can be found here.

January 19, 2010:

$5,000 donation to Heartly House in Frederick, MD

Heartly House provides a wide range of services for residents of Frederick County, MD impacted by domestic violence, rape/sexual assault, and child abuse.  Their attributes include, but are not limited to: a 24-hour hotline, legal services for victims, counseling services, abuser intervention programs, emergency shelter, transitional housing for survivors, medical accompaniments for victims of rape/sexual assault needing hospital exams-- provided at Frederick Memorial Hospital, and community education programs.    More information about this amazing organization can be found here

December 5, 2009:

$5,000 contribution to The Laurel Center in Winchester, VA

The Laurel Center is an amazing domestic violence shelter that provides emergency housing (some of it "underground"), a wide range of support services, education and advocacy for victims of domestic violence, and also for victims of sexual assault.  In 2004, The Laurel Center joined DELTA, a statewide domestic violence coalition that provides preventative education in Virginia, teaching children as young as preschool age how to develop healthy relationships skills.  More information about The Laurel Center can be found on their website by clicking here.    

We are so happy to be able to provide this organization funds, especially in our current economic times when charities all across the world are suffering huge drops in much needed contributions.  Through supporting The Laurel Center, we are helping to save and empower thousands of women a year, as well as support education initiatives that can prevent violence before it starts.  

"You have chosen a wonderful way to honor your loved one-- your donation may well save a life, a family."

          -Donna Carpenter, Executive Director of The Laurel Center 

November 24, 2009: 

  • Toiletries from our 1st Annual Charity Dance, along with
  • $5,000 contribution donated to House of Ruth in Baltimore, MD. 

In 1977, The House of Ruth Maryland was founded to provide emergency shelter for women and children leaving abusive situations.  Since then, House of Ruth has become an excellent resource in Maryland by not only continuing to provide safe housing (now an 84 bed shelter), but also transitional housing for women to create new lives for themselves, a 24 Hour crisis hotline, a legal clinic, children and youth services, abuser intervention and more.  We are so impressed with the work they do, and are excited to lend them a hand!  To learn about House of Ruth, click here

"HRM has suffered greatly from the economic downturn, because as our donations have decreased, our services are needed more now than ever!  The need for our services is up 40%.  Your generous contribution will be used to help women and children escape violence and, hopefully, save a life."                                                   

          -Vicki Deyesu, Board Member of House of Ruth, Maryland




DISCLOSURES: In Honor of Her, Inc. distributes 90% of all funds collected annually maintaining no permanent paid staff. The 10% retainage is used exclusively for marketing of annual events regularly scheduled for the sole purpose of fund raising. In Honor of Her, Inc. has 501(c)3 status under IRS regulatory requirements and is allowed to solicit and collect funds. 






June 25, 2010:

We created a college scholarship fund for Marijke's daughters, Quinn and Harper, to be held in trust by In Honor of Her and given to them for tuition/school expenses when they are of age.  Marijke was a wonderful teacher, and a big believer in the force of education, so we think that she'd be happy to see her girls getting some support to achieve their career/educational goals.  For starters, we put in $5,000.